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We're entering the world of invisible technology. Can we keep up?

FOSTER CITY, Calif. — It’s a well-proven fact in the tech world that timing is everything.You may have the greatest widget, software, or digital experience the world has ever seen, but if the market isn’t ready to accept it, that product or service won’t succeed.Indeed, the history of the tech industry is littered with examples of companies who had great ideas, but brought them to market too early or without enough context for them to really register with the buying public. Apple Newton anyone? Or how about Microsoft’s first Windows XP-based Tablet PC?While we could certainly quibble with the functionality and usability of these various examples, they weren’t really bad ideas. In fact, arguably something like the intended digital assistant technology of the Newton was way ahead of its time—over two decades ahead!At the midpoint of 2017, we’re about to enter an era of technology developments in which some of the most interesting innovations aren’t likely to be as visible as many of our high-tech gadgets and friendly apps have been. The real magic of many of these new tech advances will be nearly invisible (click image for full article).

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